From the Potentate

Greetings Nobles and Ladies!

I would like to welcome all 69 of our new Shriners and their families to Hejaz! We hope all of you will find a Club and a Unit to join and make new friends that will last for a lifetime. April was a busy month for us.  Several Clubs had car shows that are always a hit with the public.  There were Arts & Crafts and Golf Tournaments, fish fries, Easter egg hunts & more!

​We had our 2nd Quarter Business Meeting and had a good turnout for it.


The South Atlantic Motor Corp held its Mid-Winter in Greenville, President Charles Reece said they had approximately thirty members in attendance and really enjoyed their Hospital visit and Bike Night at the Harley Davidson in Greenville.

​Our Directors Staff had several members attend the S.D.A. and I hear a good time was had by all!

​Our Hospital visit for our new Candidates was a standing room only event. The biggest turn out we have had in a long time!  Our Hospital Administer Mr. Bill Munley did an excellent job informing our new Candidates and their families of what our hospital does and what we as Shriners do.  Several of them told me that their wives were all for them becoming a Shriner after taking the tour and our Tour Guides telling them how our hospitals work and our purpose of owning and operating them.

​I want to give a shout out to our membership committee and all our top line signers. Chris and Ike are doing a great job with the membership team.  Richard Watkins had 11 Candidates for the Spring Ceremony.  Great job again Richard, hope to see your name added to the membership team real soon!  Kelly Pearson and myself tied with 5 each. I want to thank all our top line and second line signers for all your time and effort making our Spring ceremony the great success it was! The Director Staff did a fantastic job with our cold sands ceremony.  Everyone said they enjoyed it and had a great time.

Thank you Jacob (Shorty) Brown for your generous donation at the Ceremony, Blue Ridge Shrine Club, and especially all of your hard working ladies.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Lady Wanda and I can’t thank the Nobles and Ladies enough for the super job you all did making our Ceremony so special for everyone who attended.

I want to thank Illustrious Sir Champ Champion our Recorder and our office staff for the great job they did on Family Day, May 11th.

June has started out busy.  We attended Divan Night at Golden Strip Shrine Club. Eric, Roy and all the Nobles and Ladies did a superior job, the food; the company and the Juke Box 45 Band were all fantastic.  With over a 100 Nobles and Ladies in attendance it was a night to remember.

We attended Divan Night at Greenwood Shrine Club on June 8th; the rain didn’t put a damper on the evening with good friends and their ladies, a good time with a group of hard working Nobles.

On June 11th, Laurens County Shrine Club along with the generous support from Greenwood Shrine, Newberry Shrine Club, Woodruff Shrine Club and Woodruff Motorcade Clan #2 held their annual Shrine Race. Sonny & B.R. you took on the challenge to put on the race and all I can say is you nailed it! Great job by all involved in raising over ? I will give you a hint though, biggest purse raised in many, many years. Thank you to the Hurley family, Eddie Wilson, Sammy Lanford, and Frank Harting of Bush Hog for all their generous support to the Shrine and Shriners Hospital! I want to personally thank the Banks family for supporting the Shrine Race. Thanks Wyatt!


Nobles once again I am asking for your help with our truck giveaway.  Our ticket sales need you to please try and sell at least a 100 tickets and let’s take advantage of the donation Mrs. Bryson made to build our Temple funds back up to make up for last year and for the difference in our circus funds that were off some this year thru no fault of our own.

Nobles start getting your Candidates ready, the Fall Ceremony will be here before you know it.

Share Our Dream in 2019
Yours in the Faith,
Jim Cunningham
2019 Potentate

Team 2019

Share Our Dream in 2019!  Be part of the fun and support the potentate's staff this year.  We invite the Nobility to come out and achieve our Temple's goals.






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