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Team 2021

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Greetings to Hejaz Nobles, Ladies, and supporters of Hejaz,

We have had a very busy year so far. Our members have been working hard following a difficult year last year. The Clubs have been ramping up and getting things moving again. The Units are getting back out there having fun and working on their projects. It is awesome to see our members having the opportunity to get together and spend time with their friends.

As of this writing, we have finished up with the Southeastern Convention in Pigeon Forge. Illustrious Sir Champ Champion was installed as Southeastern President. David Wright finished up his term as the President of Southeastern Motor Corps. The attendance at the convention was fantastic. We had several Units that came to participate in the fun. The number of groups participating in the parade was great. It was awesome to see Hejaz represented so well this year. Special thanks to the Honor Guard, Lil Monster Trucks, Hot Wheels, Motorcycle Escort, Hillbillies, and several vehicles. The Monster Trucks competed in the competition. They brought home the 4-wheel high point award. The Escort also brought home the 2-wheel obstacle course 1st place award. Congratulations to all the Nobles and Ladies that made this possible. Great Job!!!

Our next event is the South Atlantic Convention in Myrtle Beach. It will be September 16-19, 2021. Please consider coming to the event and supporting Hejaz. We plan to have a large time there. There are many things you can find to have fun at. We will be posting the event schedule on Facebook as we get it. I hope to have a large participation in the parade on Saturday.

The Fall Ceremonial is being finalized now. Jamie Smith has been a machine making this happen. We will be in Newberry October 15-17, 2021. Please make sure that you secure Hotel rooms for yourself and your candidate. The rooms have been going fast. Remember, October is a busy month. There are many other groups that are booking rooms as well.

Our two projects are moving forward. The Motorcycle has been traveling around to events. If you are interested in getting the bike, contact the office and get on the schedule. The Sportsman tickets have been selling well. This is a new project and one that is in high demand with many people. We have a huge number of tickets out there. Please consider getting the money and ticket stubs turned in as you get the tickets sold.

As we all get back to having fun and working hard, do not forget to stay safe. Also, support your Lodges and other appendant bodies. They are hurting as well and need all our support.

Have Fun In 21,