Greetings Nobles and Ladies!

I would like to welcome all 69 of our new Shriners and their families to Hejaz! We hope all of you will find a Club and a Unit to join and make new friends that will last for a lifetime.


April was a busy month for us.  Several Clubs had car shows that are always a hit with the public.  There were Arts & Crafts and Golf Tournaments, fish fries, Easter egg hunts & more!

We had our 2nd Quarter Business Meeting and had a good turnout for it.


The South Atlantic Motor Corp held its Mid-Winter in Greenville, President Charles Reece said they had approximately thirty members in attendance and really enjoyed their Hospital visit and Bike Night at the Harley Davidson in Greenville.

Our Directors Staff had several members attend the S.D.A. and I hear a good time was had by all!


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Summer is here, and I hope everyone will enjoy family vacations and the warm weather.


On March 14, 15 & 16 some of Hejaz's Divan and members attended the Southeastern Shrine Association Mid-Winter planning meeting in Gatlinburg, TN.  We had a good attendance and made plans for the Annual S.E.S.A. meeting scheduled for August 15 -17, 2019, at Music Road Hotel and Inn, Pigeon Forge, TN. Please plan to join us there, we need clubs and units to participate in competition and a great parade.


I will be elected First V.P. in August 2019 and to President in August of 2020.  Hejaz also has Noble David Wright serving as 2nd V.P. of the S.E.S.A. Motor Corp. We also have Noble John Thomas “Chatterbox” serving as the 1st V.P. of S.E.S.A. Clown Association and he will be elected as President in August, 2019. So let’s have a large turnout for Hejaz and let it be known that there is “No Jaz like Hejaz”. If you could assist with working the registration booth, please let me know, as Hejaz has been assigned to work the registration table and it takes several, we would like to have enough volunteers, so we could assign two hour shifts. Please let me know if you can assist, Thank You.


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