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Shrine Clubs

Shrine Clubs are groups of Shriners who meet closer to home in order to socialize and  fundraise for our charities on a local level.  Hejaz temple boasts 21 such clubs all over the Upstate.  Each Club has their own leadership independent of the Temple.  Look here to find a local club in your area and join in the fun and fellowship with local nobles.

Hejaz Clubs Listing                                                           Hejaz Unit Listing

If you'd like your Shrine Club location below to link to an existing website, Facebook page, or other location please contact the website administrator to accomplish this.

Hejaz Shrine Clubs

Area Rep A

George Jackson

(864) 884-3048

Golden Strip

200 Ranch Rd

Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 277-2190

Meeting:    2nd Thursday

President:  Jeff Pence

Secretary:  David Williams


119 Beverly Rd

Greenville, SC 29609

(864) 244-6200

Meeting:    2nd Wednesday

President:  Keith Lord

Secretary:  Scott Banta

Area Rep B

Butch Lisle

(864) 809-8076


198 Shrine Club Rd

Chesnee, SC 29323

(864) 804-8852

Meeting:    3rd Tuesday




1470 Fort Prince Blvd.

Wellford, SC 29385

(864) 439-6988

Meeting:    1st Wednesday

President: Tim Cook

Secretary: Brett Moore


1450 Fernwood-Glendale Rd.

Spartanburg, SC 29307

(864) 583-4879

Meeting:    1st Thursday

President:  Eddie Pearson

Secretary:  Tommy Brashears

Area Rep C

Richard Doby

(803) 287-9326


1449 S. Plantation Rd.

Lancaster, SC 29721

(803) 287-9326

Meeting:    2nd Tuesday

President:  Richard Doby

Secretary:  Kevin Blackmon

Area Rep D

William Rosser

(864) 934-5019


1900 Broadway Lake Rd.

Anderson, SC 29622

(864) 224-9036

Meeting:    4th Tuesday

President:  Kenny Slawson

Secretary:  Matthew Allen


8652 Highway 252

Honea Path, SC 29654

(864) 993-1837

Meeting:    3rd Thursday

President:  Mark Smith

Secretary:  Greg Smith

Area Rep E

Gene Norris

(864) 994-4965


1156 Shrine Club Rd.

Waterloo, SC 29384

(864) 363-1415

Meeting:    1st Tuesday

President: Randy Hillman

Secretary: Kyle Reece


201 Aiken Rd.

Woodruff, SC 29388

(864) 476-2313

Meeting:    3rd Tuesday

President:  Dale Wilson

Secretary:  Sam Turner

Area Rep F

Stephen Schram

(803) 984-0616


2321 Pressley Rd

Chester, SC 29706

(803) 684-4117

Meeting:    3rd Tuesday

President:  Barry Bruce

Secretary:  Robert Smith, Jr.

Great Falls

3162 Lingale Acres

Great Falls, SC 29055

(803) 482-4276

Meeting:    1st Wednesday

President:  Joe Langley

Secretary:  Jeff Langley

York Crescent

2065 McConnell's Hwy.

Rock Hill, SC 29731

(803) 230-7428

Meeting:    1st Thursday

President:  David Harllee

Secretary:  Alex Harllee

Area Rep G

Christopher Griffin

(864) 554-2562


855 Shrine Club Rd

Abbeville, SC 29620

(864) 446-2306

Meeting:    3rd Monday

President:  Danny Moore

Secretary:  Art Loyd


402 Shrine Club Rd

Greenwood, SC 29646

(864) 923-2339

Meeting:    4th Monday

President:  Ron Staggs

Secretary:  Chad Teague

Area Rep H

Wayne Keenan

(864) 710-1521

Blue Ridge

429 Shrine Club Rd

Seneca, SC 29679

(864) 324-1155

Meeting:    1st Tuesday

President: Ike Ferguson

Secretary:  Joe Bryson


831 Griffin Mill Rd.

Pickens, SC 29671

(864) 915-8224

Meeting:    4th Monday

President:  JT Smith

Secretary:  Wayne Keenan

Area Rep I

Jonathan Godfrey

(864) 425-0611


151 Shrine Club Rd

Gaffney, SC 29340

(864) 489-0036

Meeting:    3rd Thursday

President:  Richard Beaty

Secretary:  John O'Donald


2731 Lockhart Hwy.

Union, SC 29379

(864) 477-0960

Meeting:    Last Monday

President: Jimmie Carter

Secretary: Jonathan Godfrey

Area Rep J

Barry Koon

(803) 348-8235


196 Shrine Club Rd.

Newberry, SC 29108

(803) 276-7064

Meeting:    4th Tuesday

President:  Clifton Smith

Secretary:  James Mack


1035 Johnston Hwy.

Saluda, SC 29138

(803) 960-4743

Meeting:    2nd Tuesday

President: Bart Cotchcroft

Secretary: David Padgett

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