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Membership Applications

Thinking of becoming a member or perhaps affiliating with Hejaz Shrine Temple?  You are in the right place.

Event Approval

Hospital project?  Club or Unit fundraiser?  Be sure to have your event approved in a timely manner.

The Crown of Honor is a matter of personal pride.  It is what distinguishes those who work tirelessly for the Shiners Hospital for Children and our local Hejaz Chapter.  Don't forget about your COH points!

Every year the Hejaz Circus makes a major contribution to both our financial support as well as a social outreach to our communities and neighbors.  Find your Hejaz Circus related documents below.

These forms represent required financial reporting for projects administrated by Clubs or Units, as well as annual financial documents to be submitted to the Hejaz Treasurer. 

Crown of Honor

Hejaz Circus

Clubs & Units

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