In the context of the Shrine, the Divan is the “Board of Directors” or “Executive Council” of the organization, and serves as the management team for both fraternal and business activities of the local chapter (called a "Temple"). Each Shrine Temple has its own Divan, and the minimum number of Divan members is set by Imperial by-laws at seven, with each of these being elected by the membership. Therefore, all Shrine Temples have at least seven members on the Divan, but some have more.  For most temples that have more than seven members on the Divan, the additional positions are usually appointed by the Potentate.


Like most Masonic organizations, the Divan is usually a “progressive” line, which means that one new person is appointed or elected to the line each year, the other members of the Divan move “up” one position, and the top man retires from the line and becomes a Past Potentate.  In addition, two more elected officers are considered part of the Divan, namely the Recorder and Treasurer. These two officers, however, are not usually part of the “progressive” line, and may serve in the same office for more than one year (if so elected).

Aides are also appointed by the Potentate and serve in key positions of his staff.  Their primary function is to assist the Potentate in the execution of his office.  The Chief Aide is considered the Potentate's right hand man in this endeavor and coordinates the activities of the others.

The C RABB.jpg


Mark Tinsley
Lady Pam

The A RABB.jpg

Chief Rabban

Byron Sheppard
Lady Michele


Oriental Guide

Jamie Smith


The H PPRO.jpg

Assistant Rabban

Jimmy Moser


The REC.jpg




Sherwood Kaiser, P.P.

Lady Rhonda



High Priest & Prophet

Ben Martin

Lady Tonya


The TRES.jpg



William "Billy" Ackerman, P.P.


Lady Rhonda


First Ceremonial Master

Second Ceremonial Master



Captain of the Guard

Outer Guard