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We are a Shriners Unit called “ Hot-Wheels “ and we have 12 carts in the unit and 19 active members as of 2019. 


We enjoy doing the local parades and doing intersection fundraisers to help raise money for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Greenville.


We enjoy fellowship at our monthly meetings, we have practice and workdays before most parades to make sure we all are doing our Maneuvers Correctly plus have fun being a kid again.

                                                                       “ Never too Old to play with Hot-Wheels

Hello Nobles and Brother Masons,

If you want to check out our unit and see what we do please follow our page for dates and times of our Meetings, Practices and Parades.

We would love to have you as a guest and maybe you would like to become a unit member.  If you ever have a question about our unit, or if you want our unit to participate in a parade or a function for children please give us a call at 803-493-4528.


Thank you,

Michael McDade

Hot-Wheels” Unit Captain


Unit Captain


Michael McDade (803) 493-4528


Walt Greene (803) 517-4854


Wayne Helms (803) 357-4133

Where we will be and how to find us:

Hot Wheels!

We are the Hejaz Hot Wheels!

Pictures of past events, awards, parades, and unit involvement...

Notes from the Unit Captain:

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