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From Our Chaplain


Overcome the Doubts that Tell You It’s Impossible


We all know someone who has been blinded to reality. Maybe you’ve been that Girl or that Guy. The Girl who thought she had a boyfriend, despite her friends saying it sounded more like a hook-up. The Guy, who was sure that he had gotten the promotion and it took a while to realize everyone was clapping for someone else.


Just like infatuation and pride stops us from seeing life as it really is, and a lack of faith blinds us from seeing life as in can be (Mark 9:23).


One of the Biggest Barriers to making Bold Moves comes from inside of us. Without believing Jesus is who He says He is, we will never do what He tells us to do.


Jesus spent a good amount of time commenting on people’s faith. After a while, you can see a trend emerge. He celebrates people who are full of faith, and He challenges those whose faith is lacking.


Jesus was not having an ego trip when He pointed out someone’s lack of faith. He simply knew what they were missing, and He loved them enough to point them to the truth. Just like the friends who told you that guy wasn’t that into you, Jesus tells us when we are not seeing clearly because he wants better for us.


Without faith, we can only see what is right in front of us. We make decisions based on what is plausible rather than what is possible. We will bury a God Given dream because it seems impossible or avoid a conversation because we are worried that we will seem crazy. This doubt that stops us short is not from Jesus.


“Have Faith in God” (Mark 11:22).


For God, everything is possible. Believing that opens up a whole world of opportunity. When we realize the Creator of the Universe is the one calling the shots, we realize that we are not responsible for the outcome. Just the obedience to follow though.


Where are you lacking in Faith today?


People in Jesus’ hometown missed the Messiah because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:58). What might you be missing out on because you are not seeing your situation as God sees it?


How would your day change if you started it Full of Faith in God and Trust in His Character?


Praying for You Daily!


Your Friend and Brother

William Rosser

Chaplain Chairman, 2022

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