From Our Chaplain


A Reason to be Generous this Christmas!

The sound of a Salvation Army bell ringing, a Child’s wish written in crayon hung on a Christmas Tree, a Hot Meal served to Strangers on a cold day. The Holidays bring many opportunities to serve others.

When Jesus returned to Heaven, His mission “To proclaim Good News to the poor, To Bind Up the Brokenhearted, To Proclaim Freedom for the Captives” Becomes Ours to Continue. (Isaiah 61:1).

Whether we give our money, our time, or both, giving is what Jesus wants us to do. We Bless Others because Jesus Blessed Us.  We are living in the time of the Lord’s favor that Isaiah describes. Favor is simply another way of describing
God’s approval and delight. We receive God’s favor, not because of anything we’ve done, but because Jesus died for our sins.

God established an eternal covenant with us through Jesus. The time of the Lord’s favor is now! Jesus has come, paid for our sins, and is preparing His forever Kingdom. No matter our circumstances, we are blessed.

We may not have as much as someone else, but we have what we need to continue Jesus’ mission until He returns. Take time to Bless Others through Generosity. Look for opportunities in the Church and in the Community to serve others. As we do, People start to see that there’s something special about God’s
People, and His Goodness becomes known among the Nations (Isaiah 61:8-9).


What's one way you can be Generous to Those in Need? Ask God to show you an opportunity to proclaim Good News to the poor.

What’s one way you can encourage someone who feels trapped or comfort someone who’s struggling this Christmas?

Is there anything that’s been lost that God may want to work through you to restore?

I Pray that Each and Every One have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Your Friend and Brother,
William Rosser
Chaplain Chairman, 2021